It’s Not About Me and It’s Not About You!

by | Oct 31, 2023

Today’s thought is very sobering.

“When problems arise within the church with many or with few,

One question demands an answer: Is it me or is it you?

We are both one in Christ, and so our goals should be the same,

But the easiest thing to do with troubles is to try to place the blame.

“He said. She said.” The truth is often hard to discern.

Are we pawns of the devil being used, and somehow our lessons never learn?

The answer can be found in the book of Acts, chapter two.

There you will see there is no “me”; there is no “you”.

Instead, there is “one accord”;

One heart that wants to serve the Lord.

There is one desire to win the lost.

Each one willing to pay the cost.


So be like Nehemiah; put your hand upon the plow.

Work shoulder to shoulder. The lost are dying now.

There is no time to wait.

It soon will be too late.

Who will be the first to stand for the Lord tall and true?

Who will it be? Is it me or is it you?”


~ Barbara Brinkworth

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