“I Am Sick”

by | Jan 8, 2024

This modern, “Woke Church”, entertaining “Worship” experience is about as fulfilling as a one-night stand with a prostitute from Las Vegas. Equally, the dead, legalistic, pharisaical, traditional, LIFELESS, church is as empty and useless. Give me THE REAL THING or nothing at all. Woke worship is Satan’s Counterfeit to the real thing. Dead Church is Satan’s nursery for rocking to sleep undiscerning Christians. Give me SPIRIT AND TRUTH or you might as well make all of these buildings nightclubs. Most of them are already set up for that anyway.

I’m sick of DEAD, FAKE, EMPTY, churches led by DEAD, FAKE, EMPTY, IMMATURE, BACKBITING, DIVISIVE, POWER HUNGRY, Christians and preachers who operate in their flesh, their feelings, and wouldn’t know God if He was sitting on the front row.

The last few days I’ve been sickened by the garbage that has plagued our nation but it’s the pollution in the church that is even more disturbing. The religious rhetoric is more poisonous than all of the heroin, meth, and crack combined on this planet.

The Spirit of God is grieved. Really grieved. And frankly, I am too.

I hear the question asked all the time, “What’s your flavor”, in other words, what type of “Church” do you like. The reality is, if you are truly saved, you should only desire ONE FLAVOR of church, SPIRIT, AND TRUTH. This generation wants Spirit but when you reveal TRUTH, they choke on it, get mad at it, and call you a hate monger. Then, on the other hand, the other side wants TRUTH, but if you have any SPIRIT they call you charismatic, crazy, and emotionalists. The truth is, both sides are stuck in the ditch and neither one is right.

I want SPIRIT AND TRUTH. When you have BOTH you can accomplish anything for Christ. When you are lacking one or the other, you are doing nothing but creating bastard children that are either convinced they are saved because of a goosebump they got during a song, or on the other side, you have people convinced they are saved because their grand-dad built the church 324 years ago or because they wear a dress to their ankle and have no TV in their home.

God gives us something, somewhere, with people that are REAL.


~ Evangelist DR Harrison

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