DR’s anointed, dynamic, and passionate sermons have been downloaded in all 50 states and over 90 countries around the world. DR’s one purpose in life is to help people obtain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Breaking Down Demonic Strongholds

Recorded December 6, 2022
South Louisiana Awakening

From Deception
To Deliverance

Recorded November 29, 2022
South Louisiana Awakening

Overcoming Church Hurt

Recorded March 10, 2023
South Louisiana Awakening

Professing Christ But Going To Hell

Recorded April 13, 2023
South Louisiana Awakening

Rocked To Sleep By The Devil

Recorded July 10, 2022
South Louisiana Awakening

Breaking The Chains OF Addiction

Recorded June 10, 2020
Central Georgia Awakening

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